La fogata Mexican Grill

La fogata crew is honored to serve you delicious mexican dishes. We keep the mexican traditions in every plate.

We believe as a restaurant, we have the responsability to serve fresh, healthy food to our customers. After all, if Mexican food is going to be delicious and healthy, it has to be fresh! We believe making it fresh worth a little extra time and effort.


No preservatives. No chemicals.

No frozen meats. No lard. No microwaves.

Our salsas are made FRESH daily using only top quality produce.

We use only FRESH , natural chicken.

We use 100% Olive oil.

Our special bean recipe is made FRESH daily using no lard or preservatives.

We use 100% Blue and Red Tortillas.

All our vegetables are FRESH  grilled (mushrooms,red and green peppers, onions, zucchini)

Our chile relleno is baked, not deep fried.

We accomodate vegetarian requests.